William Clarke College

William Clarke College is a prestigious mixed private school in Kellyville, Sydney.

The Business Problem

William Clarke College (WCC) staff, who are relying on email, meetings, phone calls and a shared drive, struggled to find relevant and timely information. They reached out to WebVine to create a new SharePoint intranet in order to solve many of their pain points. One of these problems in particular was the manual leave application form, which was shuffled around from one tray to another and finally ending up with Payroll to make sense of it all.
How We Helped – shows the same text in The Business Problem

How We Helped

WebVine initially ran a workshop to determine what WCC really needed, and co-created the Information Architecture with WCC.
WebVine also:

  • Analysed the existing intranet
  • Worked with William Clarke College’s preferred designer
  • Created the intranet in SharePoint
  • Created a leave application form and workflow in SharePoint
  • Configured FAST Search for the intranet
  • Created a News module, a poll and more

The Business Outcome

WCC staff now get to enjoy searching for information easily through a tailored Search experience. Accessing the school news, finding out about upcoming events and even participating in weekly polls are now the new norm for WCC staff. Crucial documents are tagged and stored in SharePoint and staff can apply for leave and do a variety of other tasks in HR Matters.

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