Active Directory is a centralised Microsoft solution to manage user authentication, authorisation, and computer management in your organisation.

If this is not managed properly, you may be plagued with:

Security breaches


Inaccurate user information

Inaccurate User

Duplicate accounts


Orphan accounts


Performance issues


Compliance issues


WebVine are Microsoft Specialists in Active Directory. Our local Australian team will work with you to get this under control and ensure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits that it has to offer.


Updating Active Directory on a Surface

How we can help you with Active Directory?

WebVine can work with key stakeholders in your organisation to uncover technical and business insights to help shape a project framework for your Active Directory requirements. Regardless of what HR platform you’re currently using, our team can liaise directly with your HR technology vendor to find a solution for integration. A typical project process can follow the below steps, and we’ll also tailor the process to meet the requirements and needs of your organsiation.

Project Steps for Active Directory

A diagram of project steps for Active Directory


Active Directory

  • Why it’s a good idea
  • How to set it up
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Ongoing management

Connecting your HR platform to Active Directory

Active Directory can be connected to your HR platform which offers a number of benefits for user provisioning. These can include:

  • Automatically creating new accounts for new employees when they join your team or organisation.
  • Automatically deactivating accounts when employees leave the team or organisation
  • Ensuring that identities are kept up to date based on changes in Active Directory or your human resources system.
  • Provisioning groups to applications that support them.
  • Monitoring and auditing who has been provisioned into your applications.
  • Matching existing identities between systems and allowing for easy integration, even when users already exist.
  • Creating alerts for critical events and allowing for Log Analytics integration where you can define custom alerts to suit your business needs.

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a Microsoft technology that provides a directory service for Windows domain networks. It is a centralised database that stores information about users, devices, and other resources in your organisation, enabling administrators to manage access to these resources in a more secure and efficient way. Administrators can create and manage user accounts, assign permissions, and set up security policies making it easier to control access to sensitive information and resources.

It can be used to manage devices in your network allowing administrators to deploy software, configure settings, and apply security policies to all devices in the domain. This helps to ensure that all devices are properly configured and up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Features of Active Directory

Active Directory offers a number of useful features including:

Group policy management

Group policy management

Certificate services


DNS services

DNS services

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services

Why Use Active Directory?

Active Directory has several benefits for organisations including:

Centralised management:

Allow administrators to manage users, devices, and other resources from a single, centralised location.

Improved security:

Leverage advanced security features, such as password policies, that help to protect your organisation's data. Employees that leave your organisation can have access to your systems automatically removed.

Reduced administrative overhead:

Automating routine tasks, such as software deployment and security updates can help to reduce the workload on your IT staff.


It’s designed to support large organisations with thousands of users and computers.

Better communication:

Clearer and more up to date user information makes targeting and automation (such as employee onboarding) a breeze.

Popular SaaS applications that been pre-integrated into Azure Active Directory

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud







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