Struggling to locate critical documents?

Poor document management can cause serious business problems:

  • Missing documents
  • Versioning issues
  • Manual document merging
  • Infrequent use of templates
  • Inaccurate search results
  • Limited mobile access

WebVine are SharePoint Document Management Specialists

Our local Australian team will work with you to develop the structure and processes to get your documents under control using the Microsoft technology you already have.



Using WebVine’s expertise we were able to turn document storage into a collaboration and efficiency project which has changed the way we work at Sylvanvale for the better

Leanne Fretten, Chief Executive Officer, Sylvanvale

Benefits of effective Document Management

Support your people and your business by following Sharepoint document library best practices. It can be a challenging process but your organisation will see immediate and long lasting benefits.


  • People can find the correct documents quickly and effortlessly
  • No more out of date versions
  • Save time and minimise errors with templates
  • Effective search


  • Secure access to sensitive documents
  • Established permissions, publishing and editing authorisation/li>
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Limit unauthorised sharing and transfer

Documents a mess? The WebVine team are here to help.

Adopt a best practice Document Management Solution with appropriate SharePoint document architecture and frameworks.

Some of our valued clients

How we can help with your Document Management using Microsoft 365

WebVine will conduct workshops with your key stakeholders that will uncover key insights, enabling us to construct a framework that will form the SharePoint Document Management Solution. We will then design and implement the most effective information architecture to follow best practice and recommend processes for ongoing management.

Our process:

What is Document Management?

As technology has evolved, so has the way that we’ve stored and accessed information. It is essential that organisations continue to update their policies, procedures and systems to leverage new technology and keep pace with the competitive landscape.

An old school definition of document management

Traditionally, document management has been defined as a system or process used to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, digital files and images of paper-based content.

How it has evolved

We have seen a cultural and organisational mind shift around document, image and records management, as it’s not just about the technology or the files. It's made up of people, processes and technology with a focus on:


What do you need?

The components of Document Management

Each technology in your organisation serves a different function when it comes to document management. Below are some examples of technologies that could make up your document management system:

Records management

eg TRIM, AvePoint

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration platform

eg Microsoft Teams

Offline access

eg OneDrive


eg SharePoint

Electronic document management

eg SharePoint and network drives

How to get started with Document Management

It’s time to investigate

The first step is to establish your current situation:

1. What systems do we currently have?
2. How well are we using them?
3. How well are we using them?
4. Which document types are we using?
5. How are they received / processed / stored / updated?
6. What’s the level of user knowledge? How much training is needed?
7. Are our systems adequate?

How to get these answers?

Unless there is existing documentation, you will likely need to conduct a range of activities to complete your investigation:

1. Workshops / roundtables / focus groups
2. Surveys
3. Interviews
4. Usability studies
5. Job shadowing


Where are my documents?

Identify all the different places that your documents
exist. Are they in:

1. Collaboration platforms like Teams & SharePoint
2. Chat based apps eg Slack, Confluence, Google Hangouts
3. On your desktop
4. Intranet
5. Extranet
All of the above??


Need more help with document management?

As Microsoft 365 and Digital Workplace specialists, WebVine can assist you in developing a comprehensive document management system and strategy that will take your organisation to the next level.

We offer a range of services to suit all budgets and business objectives including:

• Tailored workshops
• One-off projects
• Ongoing tech support

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