What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform has been around for many years but as the concept of low/no-code programming and citizen development gains traction, Power Platform is becoming more prominent.

It is comprised of PowerApps, Power BI and Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), plus a component called Power Virtual Agents. These four services combine into one powerful business application platform sitting on Microsoft’s Common Data Service. This brings all your data together, enabling no-code app development, process creation and data insights.

The Power Platform can be used across Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 as well as connecting with a multitude of third party services like Google Analytics, Docusign and Salesforce.

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The Power Platform is a low code platform that enables organisations to analyse data, act on it through applications and automate business processes. It allows everyone, from the professional developer to the frontline worker, to participate in driving better business outcomes.

What is it for?

Digital Transformation
Build Business Solutions
Automate Processes
Analyse Data
Visualise Data
Automate Customer Service

The Power Platform democratises data in that it gives capabilities to harness, analyse and automate data processes to non-technical people. Business users can design and build a solution that addresses their immediate needs without writing up requirements, waiting for approval, briefing in to IT, and fighting for priority.

Power BI Business analytics
Power Apps Application development
Power Automate Process Automation
Power Virtual Agents Intelligent virtual agents

Often great ideas are abandoned because no one knows how to get started. The Power Platform can be a key driver for innovation, as those who are close to a business process or problem can design, build and test a solution quickly, then try different iterations. Imagine being able to develop business solutions, analyse data and create visualisations or build virtual customer service agents without an IT project!

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About Power Apps

Power Apps is a no-code / low-code platform that provides the ability to build custom apps to solve business problems. It is about creating actions. Power Apps lets you connect to data from SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Outlook, OneDrive or other online sources, and build feature-rich, custom business apps without writing code.

Microsoft Power Automate screen shot

About Power Automate

Power Automate is a super flexible tool that can be used in several ways. You can automate repetitive tasks like data collection, survey results collation, form submissions and approvals. You can design logic for your Power Apps using a point and click flow designer, adding in buttons, actions, and data inputs. You can build guided business processes to ensure consistent inputs like customer or contract details. Power Automate can also be used for a multitude of CRM purposes, triggered from almost any Dynamics 365 event.

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About Power BI

Power BI enables business users to gain valuable insights into different areas of the organisation like sales, logistics, inventory and people by connecting multiple data sources (including third party services) and creating visually appealing reports and graphs. You can then slice and dice your data using Power BI’s many native settings and reports, and easily share them throughout the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents screen shot

About Power Virtual Agents

The latest feature of the Power Platform allows organisations to build intelligent chatbots with no coding or AI knowledge required. Virtual Agents has hundreds of pre-built connectors to allow customer service teams to build custom workflows to look up records, respond to FAQs, call APIs or refer queries to live salespeople.

How do I get started?

  • Have an idea, but don’t know how to structure your solution?
  • Started a new app or flow but got stuck or some of your data isn’t connecting?
  • Been tasked with creating a business solution but lack experience with the platform?

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