Incat Crowther

Incat Crowther is an Australian Company specialising in Marine engineering design. The company has a diverse product portfolio of designs for monohull, catamaran and trimaran vessels for a range of sectors, including commercial, recreational, military and passenger.

The Business Problem

Incat Crowther had offices across four continents, and sharing information was a real problem. Unwieldy network drives isolated to each region contained multitudes of files. Searching for files was arduous, with many duplicates, triplicates and more. They also recognised the need for an intranet to share knowledge across the company.

Incat Crowther CEO Brett Crowther selected WebVine to help them solve this problem.

How We Helped

WebVine conducted onsite workshops to determine the optimum solution to Incat Crowther’s problems. We identified document management and search as a key need and through the workshop identified a structure that would work for Incat Crowther.

WebVine created an Office 365 SharePoint Online Intranet for Incat Crowther. The intranet includes a staff directory, key documents such as policies and procedures that are easily stored and are searchable.

The Business Outcome

Incat Crowther staff who are accessing the intranet from around the globe, now enjoy the following benefits:

  • An intranet solution accessible from any device, anywhere.
  • Key documents are now stored as a single source of truth once only.
  • Version history and the ability to share documents via a link with external parties.
  • A platform to hold company information and in the future run complex procedures such as managing the design process of a boat.

And now you know who to contact to design your mega yacht!

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