Cardinia Shire Council – SharePoint Data Migration


The Shire of Cardinia is a local government area in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia comprising a population of more than 120,000 with significant projected growth. Council’s goal is to provide leadership, good governance and engage with the community to ensure the long-term sustainability of Cardinia Shire. The organisation has grown to more than 500 staff, reflecting the rapid growth in the shire and the continuing need to increase resources to maintain service standards.


Faced with the imminent expiration of their intranet technology, Cardinia Shire Council had the opportunity to modernise their operations with a new SharePoint platform. The local council needed a solution to deliver improved efficiencies, strong employee engagement and effective communications as well as minimise impact on their workforce. In response to these pressing needs, we proposed an accelerated data migration to Microsoft SharePoint.

The volume and complexity of data required a careful balance between speed and precision to avoid potential bottlenecks, and with staff spread across various locations, it was imperative to minimise the impact on their daily activities during the migration process.


With multiple priorities requiring attention, Council did not have the time or capacity to create a new intranet within the required timeframes. To meet the accelerated timeline and address immediate requirements, WebVine created an interim solution within SharePoint online.

The WebVine Delivery team conducted an expedited analysis of the client’s requirements, prioritising critical content and recommending an effective structure in SharePoint online.

Our team then worked with Cardinia Shire Council to replicate existing features using native SharePoint web parts, mimicking the original design and functionality where possible to help users with the transition. Having established general design guidelines with the Cardinia team, WebVine were empowered to apply these to individual modules, and deliver a solution with consistent UX and design without having to involve the client in every decision. Cardinia Shire staff were supported to do as much or as little content rework as they felt was necessary.

We prioritised the most critical data and functions, allowing council staff to continue operations with minimal disruption, then completed the migration outside business hours.


The accelerated SharePoint migration project yielded immediate and positive outcomes for Cardinia Shire Council. The fast-tracked migration ensured the council’s transition to SharePoint before the expiration of their old technology, eliminating potential risks and enhancing user experience.

We successfully minimised disruptions to users, allowing them to maintain productivity.

The online SharePoint environment is contributing to team collaboration and efficiency, providing the council with modern tools to support their daily operations. Now, this adoption of SharePoint positions Council to further enhance their intranet platform, supporting their people and leveraging Microsoft 365 to adapt to future challenges.

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