Document Management Automation


This organisation owns and operates one of Australia’s major coal export terminals, providing critical infrastructure for our export market. The terminal receives an average of 20 trains per day with capacity to store up to 4.5 million tonnes of coal, loading ships that can carry up to 165,000 tonnes. With 70 full time staff, the team share a strong culture, built around teamwork, achievement and caring for each other and the environment.


The client have a document management hub in SharePoint, providing centralised document control, automated review and approval and automated stakeholder notifications. This facilitates creation, editing, approval and publishing of controlled documents, ensuring documents are up to date and that the right people are notified when changes are made.

They were looking to enhance this process using more automation, deliver higher quality branded published documents and create a more user-friendly experience for those who needed to access these documents.


After gaining a clear understanding of the current processes and supporting technology, WebVine designed an enhanced document lifecycle management system leveraging SharePoint and Power Automate.

A new, user friendly document hub page was created in SharePoint, with options for finding documents in different ways: via a new megamenu, using prominent, category-specific buttons or through search. The search capability was enhanced to incorporate relevant search verticals and refiners making it easier to find the right resource.

For document owners, WebVine created a working document area in SharePoint for co-editing and review. Once the documents are ready to publish, they can kick off a new, sophisticated publishing process. When a working document is submitted for approval, a Power Automate flow emails the designated approver with a link to the document. Once approved, the Word document is automatically converted to a PDF and saved to the published documents hub, with dynamic name generation based on metadata. Document metadata also populates the PDF itself with information such as document owner, review frequency and last review date automatically added to the cover page.


WebVine’s client now enjoy an efficient, scalable SharePoint document management system with highly professional, branded internal documents.

Users can locate published documents in multiple ways from the document hub page, with a new, user friendly interface for PC or mobile access. With enhanced version control, the people relying on this important information can be sure they are accessing the most recent version.

The document creation and approval process is smooth and reliable, with automations that save time and minimise errors, creating trustworthy content that supports the compliance and safety of the team, every day.

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