Wesley Mission


Helping people is what inspires Wesley Mission every day. With over 200 centres, 2,000 staff and almost 4,000 volunteers across Australia, Wesley Mission is there for people and communities as they face challenges such as mental health, addiction, homelessness, financial or domestic challenges.

Wesley Mission must ensure that their systems and processes deliver the right information and support to their hardworking teams, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis.


Wesley Mission uses Microsoft 365 technology including SharePoint and Teams to support their business and facilitate communication and collaboration. With this technology, opportunities and challenges can arise that require more experience and in-depth technical understanding.

With no dedicated internal Microsoft 365 resource, Wesley Mission must address knowledge gaps with the right solutions as required. This became particularly relevant at the start of Covid-19, when the Executive Team required a Disaster Recovery (DR) collaboration space to manage their response and communication.


WebVine were able to quickly step in and work closely with Wesley Mission to develop a Disaster Recovery collaboration space to meet the needs of the DR Executive Team. Our consultants ensured that Wesley Mission understood the steps to be taken during a time of much uncertainty. Microsoft Teams was used to facilitate this collaboration space and WebVine helped develop and implement the framework for this.

To support the team ongoing, WebVine provides expert advice and support on Wesley Mission’s Microsoft 365 suite of applications. This has included assistance with Teams governance, regular SharePoint health checks and enhancing a SharePoint-powered project management solution.


Wesley Mission is able to extract more value from Microsoft 365 as a result of the expertise and support provided by WebVine.

The Teams Disaster Recovery space developed by WebVine is now a key resource for the DR Executive Team in the event of a disaster.

Ongoing SharePoint health checks have been effective in identifying and resolving issues before they can impact business operations, preventing performance issues and providing a trusted, stable platform. Projects are now being managed more efficiently at Wesley Mission based on the benefits provided by their SharePoint powered project management solution.

WebVine’s availability as an external source of Microsoft 365 expertise for the team at Wesley Mission has eliminated the need for a full-time internal resource, reducing costs, overhead and ongoing training requirements.

The depth of Microsoft 365 expertise provided by the WebVine team – combined with a genuine desire to help – makes my team more confident and effective in our service delivery. Working with WebVine to design and implement innovative solutions seamlessly as an extension of my team’s capability assists Wesley Mission in delivering our vision.

– Aldo Travia, Executive Manager – Information Services

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