Cobbora Holding Company Pty Limited (“CHC”) was formed to develop the Cobbora Coal Project. CHC is owned by the State of NSW and is headquartered in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

The Business Problem

The NSW Government-operated company Cobbora purchased 250sq km of land in Central Western NSW with the intent of developing it into a coal mine.

Due to a falling price in coal and other factors, they were not able to get approval for their plan on Cobbora Mine. This piece of land contained farms, homes, tenants, machinery, a dam, a river and was divided into areas calculated as DPs and lots. As a mining company, Cobbora struggled to look for a large landlord. Cobbora contacted WebVine to assist in creating a solution to manage all of their tenants, assets and more.

How We Helped

WebVine ran workshops at Cobbora offices in Newcastle to understand the scale of the problem. WebVine consultants then devised a solution to meet the needs of Coborra Holdings. This solution gave Cobbora the ability to add new property details associated to lots. The could now update rates, rent and other payment information. Photos of the properties were available, reports could be run, and it also accommodated Cobbora’s requirement to amalgamate properties together.
The property management solution was delivered on SharePoint by WebVine.

The Business Outcome

WebVine created a tailored property management solution that provided Cobbora the ability to:

  • Contain all properties and assets owned by Cobbora
  • Hold all tenant information
  • Contain land rates, lot numbers and DPs
  • Show images of the properties
  • Display locations on embedded maps
  • Search for information and export results to PDF
  • Contain all financial data
  • Be customisable and upgradeable for the future

This enabled Cobbora to easily keep on top of their finances, track tenant information, handle tenant requests, and provide reports to the NSW government as required.


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