Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) provides integrated financial services including retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and sharebroking products and services.


Commbank wanted to improve their static procurement intranet site, ibuy, by recreating it in SharePoint. The site was out of date, not easy to update and needed a refresh. Also new procurements systems were launching, and 45,000 staff needed to know easily how to order through the new systems.


WebVine saw the need to communicate clearly to CBA staff on the changes to the Procurement Systems. A lack of clarity here could cause thousands of frustrated hours to be wasted each month.

Also, WebVine saw numerous opportunities to not only migrate the site to SharePoint and communicate Procurement changes clearly, but to greatly improve the layout and architecture of the site.


The Commonwealth Bank saw what WebVine suggested and took advantage of this opportunity WebVine delivered a first-class, easy to navigate, SharePoint intranet that 45,000 staff use on a daily basis for their procurement needs. The home page directed staff quickly to where they needed to go, saving time, budgets and frustration.

Not only did WebVine improve the site, but delivered this project well under timeline and on budget, and it is now a great success receiving several million visits each year.

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