Camp Quality

Camp Quality, a renowned charity that helps children with cancer, engaged WebVine to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 intranet to SharePoint 2013. With that project, WebVine also applied a new design, supplied by Camp Quality, and created a new Information Architecture and added much needed functionality to the site.

WebVine was so impressed with Camp Quality, that we now offer pro bono days to Camp Quality to assist them in their ongoing efforts.


Camp Quality were using a SharePoint 2007 intranet with information that was really difficult to find, and poor functionality that wasn’t meeting the needs of the organisation. Camp quality had a big vision. They wanted to engage their staff, their volunteers, their executives, their board members in using and accessing information quickly and easily. They turned to WebVine to help.


WebVine assessed the situation and reviewed the existing SharePoint environment for useful content, reviewing analytics and other information to see what was relevant before deploying into SharePoint Online. WebVine then also helped Camp Quality design a new Information Architecture for the site that would enable staff to find information quickly and easily.

WebVine also noted a whiteboard in the entryway called a Goofitti Board that they were invited to write positive messages on when attending Camp Quality for meetings. WebVine suggested that this board be put online on the new Gigglenet intranet, and it was an instant success. Staff visit the site on a daily basis, can find lots of information that they need, including this Goofitti Board which is incredibly popular and full of positive messages throughout every day.


There is a greater sense of cohesion in Camp Quality. People know how to access information such as the knowledge base, finding out what different departments are doing, seeing which staff are away on leave at any time, what job opportunities exist in the organisation, or any other relevant information. The board members come into Gigglenet to find their board papers, other information and communicate with other board members. There are also plans for the volunteer base to access information through the portal.

Gigglenet is warmly loved at Camp Quality, a great charity WebVine proudly supports.

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