Asciano is made up of three businesses, Pacific National, a large rail freight company in Australia; Patrick, which is Australia’s largest and most advanced container terminals operator; and BAPS, Bulk and Automative Port Services.


Asciano had over 8,000 staff, and needed to communicate and send information to these staff in an easy way. They had previously been relying on the traditional methods such as email and telephone calls. They have a diverse range of staff from train drivers and terminal operators and office staff. Asciano needed a way to communicate to all of these people in their own unique way.


WebVine implemented the branding for SharePoint 2010 internet site for Asciano. The look and feel was elegant, and we used a Mega Menu due to the large volume of information. There were also some specialized web parts used for staff to be able to communicate and collaborate with each other. It was quite a large project given the volume of information and the staff.


Asciano staff were able to enjoy, in one central location, accessing information that was never at their fingertips before, finding people through staff directory, finding out about different areas of the business, being able to ask questions and get answers, contacting HR or other parts of the business quite easily was all simple and easeful in this new Asciano internet.

The Mega Menu provided quick access into deep layers of information. Trying to bring three businesses into one was made a lot easier due to the creation of this internet, creating an umbrella over all three businesses and bringing people together in more of a cohesive culture.

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