KNOX Grammar School

Knox Grammar is a prestigious boys school in Wahroonga, New South Wales, an upper North Shore suburb of Sydney, Australia.


Knox Grammar engaged WebVine to develop applications for their SharePoint portal. One of these was a timesheet application. Previously teachers had submitted their timesheets for sports activities in paper. The forms were signed by the teachers’ managers and then submitted to payroll.

In addition to the slow manual paper-based process, sometimes the forms were not correctly filled out and had to be returned.


WebVine created a timesheet application in SharePoint 2010 leveraging SharePoint workflows. A teacher now submits their timesheet online, the form gets sent to his/her manager, and once approved, is collated and exported to payroll as a single file.

Each month, the Payroll team imports this file into the payroll system quickly and easily.


From a paper-based, time-consuming, error-prone process, Knox Grammar staff now enjoy an online experience where errors have been eliminated and the approval process have been streamlined.

Payroll staff no longer have to go through paperwork trying to understand scrawled notes and confirm approval from management. It’s all nicely automated, just the way it should be.

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