Unispace is an architecture firm which has won many global awards in the industry. It’s quite unique in that it not only designs new buildings, but also builds them as well. In just five years, Unispace has grown to a company of 500 employees with 23 locations around the globe.

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Unispace grew so rapidly that it was very difficult for them to manage information about what people needed to do in a day to day manner. Their success was so great that the IT systems were quickly left lagging behind. Unispace turned to WebVine to help them create a responsive sharepoint intranet on Office 365.


WebVine assessed information they needed to share amongst staff. Unispace also had goals for colleagues to communicate and collaborate with each other around the globe. They also wanted a really sleek design. After all, they were an award winning architecture firm. WebVine ran workshops with Unispace to determine their needs and came up with some unique concepts on how to present information in a stylized manner that would appeal to Unispace staff.


Unispace staff, no matter where they are in the world, now have a sense of what this company is really about. Being a startup that exploded very quickly, it was crucial for Unispace executives to give a sense of their culture to staff in these 23 locations throughout the world.

The portal enabled them to do that, and they rely on it now heavily as a source of information and collaboration amongst staff. They celebrate their wins and share their vibrant culture through this channel on a daily basis.

Unispace staff now enjoy visiting the beautiful portal where they can access their different news, announcements, events, access their own personalized links, have conversations with staff in different locations around the world. It also resolved all of their HR needs for sharing information to staff. The portal has been a tremendous success for Unispace.

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