St George Community Housing

With over 30 years’ experience, St George Community Housing (SGCH) manage and provide sustainable, safe and affordable housing for around 11,000 people in over 6,300 properties across metropolitan and greater Sydney. SGCH strive to create communities that are vibrant and inclusive.
In addition to their core housing offering, SGCH improve the lives of tenants through services designed to help move them out of poverty and break the cycle of disadvantage. These include education, training, employment and community engagement.


SGCH identified people and culture as an area of focus under their development strategy when creating their broader strategic plan. A Digital Workplace was needed to enable staff to engage and interact with the organisation and each other by asking questions, starting discussions, creating polls and more. To encourage user adoption, the Digital Workplace needed to be social, interactive and fun.

A knowledge management system was also required to enable staff to search and locate official documents quickly, driving efficiency across its multiple locations.


Within a 10 week period, WebVine was able to leverage the Injio platform to a deliver SGCH a personalised and engaging Digital Workplace. Staff can access frequently used links faster via bookmarking. Teams are kept up to date and company knowledge is collated and shared using news, FAQs, videos and SharePoint Documents.

Staff can use flexible search, a feature of Injio’s staff directory, to locate colleagues using job role, department and skills. To further emphasise SGCH’s values of Support, Accountability, Respect and Integrity, staff can publicly recognise and celebrate achievements.

Groups can form and work together across departments and interests to have discussions on projects (e.g. construction), for social purposes (e.g. footy tipping, SGCH bike riding club etc) and more.
Injio’s Announcements feature has reduced the need for ‘all staff’ emails by allowing targeted updates by department or location. For example, if there is a flood at 86 Smith Street, then only the relevant staff can be notified.


SGCH continues to maintain a strong company culture with a high overall staff satisfaction rating of 86% and a staff engagement score of 80%. With over 95% of employees invested in the overall purpose and values of the business and 86% of employees willing to recommend SGCH as a positive place to work, SGCH is kicking goals.

WebVine will continue to work closely with SGCH to ensure enhancements and new features available on Injio are fully leveraged to further drive staff engagement and deliver value to their users.

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