Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia was established in 1947 and is the largest provider of government-funded hearing services in Australia. It has over 600 locations across Australia, employs over 1,300 staff and services over 355,000 people Australia wide.


After a recent high-profile brand relaunch, Hearing Australia’s corporate messaging needed to reach and resonate with employees across many diverse locations. With a new energising manifesto of “Together we will”, internal communications needed to reflect a modern and refreshed look and feel.


To communicate Hearing Australia’s new brand identity and reinforce its innovative and supportive culture across the organisation, WebVine implemented the SharePoint Digital Workplace, Injio. Injio helps every team to find a unified voice and empowers external-facing staff to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience.

Teams are encouraged to collaborate to achieve their goals through one-click communications and improved team information and search capabilities. Team members can create their own personalised digital workplace experience using links and preferences, ensuring they stay connected to the pulse of Hearing Australia, regardless of where they are located.


Relationships between teams at Hearing Australia have improved while the culture has solidified, making it easier for new employees joining the organisation to understand and providing a stimulating new way of working to existing staff. Inspiring stories of success can be easily shared by external-facing staff to ensure that those who deliver excellent customer service understand how their role feeds into the overall success of the organisation.

The emphasis on collaboration facilitated by the Injio Digital Workplace has resulted in some exceptional projects that have bridged departments, advancing processes already in place and putting new opportunities in the spotlight.

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