Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

With more than 13,000 pupils across approximately 86 locations, Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology is one of New Zealand’s biggest tertiary education providers. Toi-Ohomai offers over 200 options for study including engineering, business, tourism and more.


Empowering people and their communities is core to Toi-Ohomai’s vision. Toi Ohomai is partned with iwi, industry and communities to provide education that continues to stay at the forefront of innovation. With over 1,300 staff members across a large network of locations, Toi-Ohomai is committed to unifiying their staff to create constellations of success, knowledge and people.


Our first step was to hold a number of workshops in collaboration with Toi-Ohomai’s Digital Exerpience team to better understand the needs of end users. As a result of these workshops, we were able to determine that Toi-Ohomai’s unique culture and community were highly valued.

The design and functnationality of their Digiatl Workplace needed to reflect these values by not only recognising individual contributions but by bringing everyone together as a unified group. Injio Digital Workplace modules were selected based on this criteria and these included News, Employee Recognition, Magic Links and more.

An initutite user experience, accessible to everyone including new starters, was a major priority outlined as part of our Digital Workpalce Architecture Workshop. The target was to make information easily attainable within three clicks and the foundation for was a clear heirachy of information. To ensure that content authors could start using the Digital Workplace from the go-live date, a customised training manual was created and distributed.

With Toi Ohomai located across the Tasman Strait, we leveraged existing Microsoft 365 technology (primarily Microsoft Teams), to give project updates, converse on the design brief and address any technical issues quickly. This ensured that we were able to move quickly and as a result were able to launch their new Digital Workplace ahead of the projected schedule.


TE AKA, Toi-Ohomai’s Injio DIigtal Workplace was rapidly deployed on SharePoint online in a three month time frame to over 1,300 users.
It is simple to develop and share information on TE AKA, which a vibrant easy to use platform. Employees are able to better perform their jobs with enhanced connectivity to information, projects, people and documents. TE AKA is completely responsive and can be access on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, ensuring that collbroation can happen any time, anywhere. Toi-Ohomai’s community and people are well on their way to being empowered with TE AKA, their Injio Digital Workplace.

“We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the launch of the new intranet both at the launch events around the region and subsequently. Our Head of IT is currently on a trip with IT Directors in NZ and has been showing off the site to them with great feedback too!”
– Mark Ward, Digital Experience Architect, Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology

“It’s been going well with overwhelmingly positive feedback!”
– Sarah Spence, Project Manager, Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology

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