Children’s Health Queensland

Children’s Health Queensland is a specialist hospital and health service dedicated to caring for children from across Queensland and northern New South Wales. With over 3,000 full time staff, CHQ works with 15 other hospital and health services as well as NGOs and charity partners in Queensland to deliver an integrated network of healthcare services and support across the state.


As a recognised leader in paediatric healthcare, education and research, CHQ is focused on staff development and coaching but did not have the right systems to support the process. Managers were capturing information in Word documents spread across different repositories without any central management, auditing or reporting. For comprehensive appraisals, CHQ was also looking to incorporate feedback from peers as well as employees and managers into the formal process. Tracking was required over the life cycle of the employee’s coaching and development plan.


WebVine reviewed CHQ’s processes, and the requirements to capture outcomes from monthly catch-up meetings and more formal quarterly reviews. We assessed audit and review history documentation requirements as well as their security concerns.

The team then leveraged CHQ’s existing SharePoint 2013 infrastructure to deliver a new Performance Coaching & Development System. Accessed through their intranet portal, the intuitive, branded design made this new functionality feel like an extension of the existing interface and provides a structured, user-friendly system for both managers and staff to create, review, approve, and assess goals.


CHQ employees can easily view their job profiles to set up new goals and submit them for approval. In addition, managers are also able to allocate contributors to submit peer reviews for a 360 degree approach. Privacy and security are enhanced from the previous model, with view rights and edit functions restricted to appropriate roles. All updates are recorded and can be viewed in a clear format for audit trail.

Data from this centralised system can be aggregated for management reports through Power BI, enabling senior management to track progress.

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