Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young (EY) is a global leader in professional services. EY has 231,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world.


Ernst and Young was moving to a new building, 200 George Street, Sydney, where 3000 staff were undergoing activity-based working in a fabulous new environment.

The problem was with this great new way of working, it will definitely bring a new challenge to the staff. They wouldn’t be sitting in their familiar desks with their colleagues around them each and every day. Each day they would go to a different area, and sit wherever they felt like it. The EY Communications Team wanted to create a site that staff could go to from any device, and find out information about this new way of working in this fabulous new building.


Web Vine ran workshops with EY, to determine what kind of information staff would need to access in this new work environment. They worked out the information architecture for the new site, and also assisted with the design and created a responsive SharePoint online intranet for EY.

We took into account the different types of people who will be accessing the site, the various information they will be using, and how likely they will be using different devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, in this new working environment.



The 3000 staff in the new activity-based working environment of EY are able to access information at their fingertips from any device in a sleek looking new SharePoint Online intranet.

This offers tremendous value to an organisation, meaning that staff are less confused about what to do, how to work, where to go, and how to get things done such as how to organise meetings, how to book a room, where to find their colleagues, how to access their lockers, and printing documents when required.

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