Redback Boots

Redback boots has been manufacturing and marketing quality work boots in Australia since 1925, selling 750,000 pairs of boots per year with every pair made at their Sydney factory. Redback supply large clients such as the Australian Defence Force and US military as well as consumers via selected retail channels.

The business problem

While Redback boots had already seen success on the global market, production capacity increases led to some ambitious targets.  Redback had no technology solutions in place to support these ambitious goals.

They needed a solution to manage the sales pipeline and capture growth opportunities.

How we helped

WebVine created a solution on Dynamics 365 to enable Redback Boots to target and manage sales activity for greater effectiveness, utilising Outlook, Tablet and Mobile App features of Dynamics 365. The implementation of this tool enabled Redback Boots to report accurately and measure account performance, helping them to understand how many stores sold their boots, where they could sell more boots in current places and which regions to expand into.

To manage existing clients and improve business decisions, the solution included a case management module for recording and tracking events or projects for customers and suppliers.

WebVine utilised SharePoint Online to deliver a document management system for Redback due to its secure and efficient control of documents and advanced integration with Dynamics 365.

The business outcome

Redback Boots can now search for, access and record data on the go when visiting stores, which opens up a whole new world of sales opportunities. They can identify regions, markets and opportunities for new products, and improve efficiency by digitising manual or non-existing processes. The incorporation of an Outlook plugin to Dynamics 365 made sales updates easier and therefore more frequent, resulting in improved sales data accuracy.

The Dynamics 365 case management tool delivered improved ROI via management and analysis of customer data. The tool enables the recording of key customer and supplier data, tracking all related activities across staff and locations, resulting in a more seamless customer experience as well the effective decision making that comes with greater account visibility.

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