McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes (MJH) is one of the most trusted and successful homebuilders in the Australia. MJH engaged WebVine to upgrade their SharePoint 2010 intranet to SharePoint 2013 including a company wide document management solution.


Even though McDonald Jones Homes was growing exponentially, and acquiring new companies, at the same time the company was struggling with its information database. All this new growth required more cohesion internally. They were using an old SharePoint 2010 intranet, where information wasn’t that easy to find, and it didn’t look that good, and staff didn’t want to use it. They needed to reorganize their information in a new, engaging way, and that’s where they engaged WebVine.


WebVine reviewed the site, the old SharePoint 2010 site, and saw numerous problems with it.

Firstly, we created a whole new SharePoint farm, that was set up to hold the workload demanded by all the McDonald Jones staff.

Then we created a newly designed, responsive site in SharePoint 2013 so people could access the intranet on any device they needed, whether it was desktop, tablet, or mobile. We provided training and support, and we still provide ongoing support to McDonald Jones Homes to further enhance their intranet.


There’s a tremendous value to having a well-defined, beautiful-looking internet where staff can go to find information they need, and that’s exactly what McDonald Jones Homes has.

Even with all their new business acquisitions, they still are able to source information very easily in one place. Staff understand where to go whether they’re looking for certain imagery information on certain products, or trying to ask a fellow colleague a question about something, they know that Compass, the McDonald Jones SharePoint internet, is the go-to place.

“Within 6 months the new McDonald Jones Intranet “Compass” was developed, implemented and launched to 700 staff across Australia.
Compass is a whole new concept for MJH, the site is sensational compared to what we had before. The information we are able to get out of it is remarkable, it gives everyone the ability to keep up with details, policies and to instantly know about the things that are happening in this growing business” – Bill McDonald

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