Deeper Engagement for SharePoint

SharePoint in Teams

Microsoft recently announced some of the biggest updates to SharePoint since the move to modern. WebVine's Head of Service Delivery Alan Hinton takes you through the second major change relating to ‘deeper engagement’.

Hello everyone. Alan Hinton, Head of Service Delivery at WebVine. I'm really excited about the SharePoint changes that have recently been announced by Microsoft. Just a reminder that this is the second video in our series. I do encourage you to go back and take a look at our first video on Simply authoring.You will definitely learn some things from that.

All right, let's focus on this second major update. So we're going to focus on deeper engagement. Deeper engagement is all about the concept and the problem that internal communications people have with getting their message out to the multiple places that people are working. People work in email, they work in teams, they work all over the place. This is an internal communications specialist's worst nightmare.

So Microsoft has listened to this and put in new enhancements in the SharePoint platform to be able to deal with this. This is broken down into three key areas.

The first one is when you're publishing Microsoft News, you have the ability to weave this into an email, so it's still a Microsoft News SharePoint post, but just in an email. This is going to make internal communications people's lives much easier.

The second thing is weaving and connecting SharePoint to Teams, as this is where a lot of employees are spending their days . It's going to make communicating to these individuals much easier. So when people are in teams, they will actually be able to see and engage with their intranet or communications platform.

The third thing is the incorporation of Microsoft SharePoint into Viva Engage. So if you're in Viva Engage and you're playing around and looking and working through different things, you will also see news posts that are published there.

It's a really powerful set of features that are coming to Microsoft SharePoint, and we're very excited for these as we've been getting feedback on this from clients for many years now.

If you want to find out more about how how you can use these new SharePoint features to better communicate in your organisation, get in touch.