Transformational Technology Wins before EOFY

Transformational Technology Wins

As the financial year comes to an end, are you feeling like there was more that could have been achieved from your IT wish list, leveraging technology to improve processes, productivity and overall employee experience? There’s still time left to hit some home runs with any remaining budget. Whether you wish to say farewell to frustrating, repetitive manual forms or want to clean up your Microsoft Teams environment, there are several options that won’t break the bank.

Get inspired and tackle one of these projects to finish this financial year with a win. We guarantee your colleagues will love you for it.


Digitise forms or processes

It’s surprising how many organisations are still printing, signing and emailing forms like leave requests, employee expenses and purchase orders. Not only does this create opportunity for manual errors, but it’s time consuming and repetitive for employees.

You can automate forms and create process workflows to send automatic reminders, track approvals and guide users using the capabilities of Microsoft 365.


RAMS Example E-Form
Regional Aboriginal Medical Services (RAMS) use SharePoint Lists & the Microsoft Power Platform to optimise their forms.


Single source of truth

While a full document management project might be unrealistic, you can address priority issues like compliance and risk management. Get your most important documents in order by conducting an audit, eliminating superfluous versions and creating a centralised hub where final approved documents can be accessed and managed.

Document home page experience for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority making it easy to navigate and find documents via a rich search experience.


Clean up Microsoft Teams

Has your Teams environment become painful and unruly? You may be suffering from Teams sprawl, with users creating and abandoning Teams and Channels unchecked. Teams sprawl impacts not only the usability of the platform, but has security implications, making it difficult to effectively manage and monitor access. With customised support, WebVine can help get your Teams structure back in shape and minimise further issues.


Webinar - Teams Sprawl
Get started with our webinar on how to tackle Teams Sprawl.


Training and workshops

Technical skills training is a smart budget allocation option. It will increase productivity, reduce calls to helpdesk and employees will value the opportunity for development. If your organisation is lacking in internal expertise, why not get a third party expert in to help lift your business capabilities. Consider breaking training down by:

1. Application upskilling
Is there a Microsoft 365 application like SharePoint, Teams or the Power Platform that your internal teams are not using effectively? WebVine offer bespoke training that is flexible, practical and interactive.

2. Adoption, governance and other strategic initiatives
While you might have a full digital workplace including a sparkling intranet, perhaps employees are still not as engaged as they could be. WebVine can work with you to shape and execute a strategy to drive user adoption and engagement, delivering return for your technology investment. If your organisation is lacking a proper governance framework, putting valuable data and technology at risk, we can work with you to create and implement best practice plans.

3. Citizen development
With citizen development on the rise, many organisations are looking at their everyday staff to drive new innovation and change.

Field Outreach App
WebVine provided technical support to Jacqui Peck, an audiologist with Hearing Australia, to help create a comprehensive solution consisting of a central model-driven app that works as a CRM system capturing information in the Microsoft Dataverse database.


Intranet optimisation

How healthy is your intranet? Are people using it? Instead of making your intranet next financial year’s problem, why not get a head start and look at what can be done to optimise it now by:

  • Refreshing the design
  • Integrating with Teams
  • Adding a new module to address a business problem
  • Revamping your staff directory

WebVine are intranet experts. With over 12 years of experience, we know what works and we have the technical skills to deliver. Get in touch for a free consultation.


Document migration

Enough is enough. It’s time to get your documents into the cloud. Engage a professional to do this right and ensure minimal business disruption. Your executive team (and colleagues) are sure to be impressed.

Learn more about why we’re the experts in document migrations.


It’s time to get started

These options are only the beginning, but trying to do everything will almost certainly result in hair loss. The key is prioritisation.

WebVine’s friendly team of consultants is here to assess your business needs and help you prioritise. Our proven system ensures the most valuable projects are completed first, and helps to manage stakeholders effectively and transparently.

Contact us for an obligation free chat today.