Microsoft Copilot & Co-authoring for SharePoint

Microsoft Copilot & Co-authoring

Microsoft recently announced some of the biggest updates to SharePoint since the move to modern. WebVine's Head of Service Delivery Alan Hinton takes you through the first major changes relating to ‘simple authoring’.

Hello everyone. My name is Alan Hinton. I'm head of service delivery at WebVine. WebVine is a digital transformation company specialising in all things Microsoft. Really excited to talk to you today about some major Microsoft announcements that are coming for the SharePoint platform. This is revolutionary.

There hasn't been an update like this since Microsoft moved from SharePoint Classic to SharePoint Modern. These changes are focused on the Microsoft platform, and they're broken down into four key areas.

The first one we're gonna talk about is simple authoring, and Microsoft has a number of different key areas for this. They're rolling out a system called Co-Pilot. Now, if you don't know what co-pilot is, think of it as your personal digital assistant that's powered by chat, GPT, like functionality.

The whole idea of this is to make it easy, fast and professional for you to be able to create content for sites and pages. Now it'll only get you about 80% of the way there. You'll still have to do your 20%, but it will make your lives easier and faster in this way.

The other area and the other feature that Microsoft are bringing out is a concept of page co-authoring. So the whole idea behind this is that you can create pages easily and efficiently with your colleagues and get those live and working quickly. It's going to make a huge impact . It's very similar to how you edit Microsoft Word documents.

If you want to reach out and learn more about how this could impact your organisation, get in touch.