Compelling Content for SharePoint

SharePoint in Teams

Microsoft recently announced some of the biggest updates to SharePoint since the move to modern. WebVine's Head of Service Delivery Alan Hinton takes you through the third major change relating to design and the creation of more 'compelling content.

Hello everyone. Alan Hinton here from WebVine. Really excited to share with you the latest announcements from Microsoft on SharePoint. Just a reminder, we have two other videos that look at Microsoft Copilot & Co-authoring and deeper engagement, but we're going to be focusing on design.

Microsoft has listened to the feedback that has been given from many users around the look and feel of SharePoint. SharePoint can be limiting when it comes to design, more specifically elements like fonts, branding, imagery, and other important design aspects.

When it comes to creating a SharePoint environment and working there, Microsoft users will have access to a hub where all the typography, imagery and other design elements will be available. These elements can then be used to overlay onto your existing sites. So I'm excited to see where this leads as being an intranet provider, WebVine are very much focused on design and the intranet experience. This extends  our ability to work in this environment and bring great features to our clients and to anyone that we happen to cross paths with.

If you want to find out more about how how you can use these new SharePoint features to better communicate in your organisation, get in touch.