Bridgestone Corporation is a multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer. Chances are you have Bridgestone types on your car and may not even know it.

Bridgestone were using SharePoint 2007 and saw the need to upgrade to benefit from much improved features in SharePoint 2013. Bridgestone primarily used SharePoint for document management.

Bridgestone IT provider Harbour IT contacted WebVine to assist with the migration.

Careful consideration needs to be made with any migration project. Particularly if users are using the system. Retaining the last modified dates, authors, drafts, version history and more needs to be considered.

The migration to SharePoint 2013 cannot be made directly, and has to go via an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 first. This adds complexity and risk to the project.

WebVine conducted the migration successfully without any data loss or downtime.

An old system was upgraded to the latest version of SharePoint.
This provided several advantages to Bridgestone Corporation.

  • Greatly improved search experience
  • Document previews on Search Results
  • Easily changing permissions
  • A much more intuitive user experience
  • New functionality such as drop-off libraries and document sets
  • A much happier workforce.

And now you know where to get your new tyres.

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