Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant is a construction and heavy equipment business operating nationally across Australia.


Tutt Bryant has over 500 employees who were storing vast numbers of documents on a shared drive. There was a lot of document duplication and time wasted in finding information which was often also out of date.
Tutt Bryant expressed interest to Microsoft in improving their document management, and Microsoft introduced Tutt Bryant to WebVine to solve this problem.


WebVine was engaged to implement a Document Management System on SharePoint 2013.  They installed a SharePoint Farm and all stakeholders involved in the project were consulted with in detail. This enabled a deep understanding of the types and usage of documents to be stored. Once the requirements were detailed and the scope agreed on, the document libraries were then set up with corresponding metadata. WebVine created a drop-off library for staff to place documents that were then routed to the appropriate destination.

WebVine also created a Search strategy and tailored SharePoint Search to search for documents quickly and easily.

Training was also provided to key staff who in turn trained others.


kalgoorlie-006WebVine got to know Tutt Bryant’s business and culture very well and were able to create an optimal solution for their staff around Australia

Some of the deliverables include:

  • A SharePoint 2013 system to enable documents to be created, shared, organized, stored and retrieved efficiently and effectively.
  • Eliminated the number of lost and misfiled documents.
  • Much improved organisation of existing documents
  • Allow instant access to documents through sharing links
  • Faster search and retrieval of documents.

WebVine continue to support and work with Tutt Bryant in managing their SharePoint 2013 environment. And one of these days WebVine staff will take them up on the offer to bring their kids over to marvel at the gigantic diggers!

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