Commonwealth Bank – Direct Banking Intranet

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) provides integrated financial services including retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and sharebroking products and services.

Project Scope

CBA’s call centre division, Direct Banking, have 1500 call centre staff (Customer Service Representatives), all located in Australia.

The staff found it difficult to find what they needed on their intranet. It was also in bad need of a refresh. Despite engaging a number of other consultancies in scoping the project and providing advice, no progress was being made. Staff could not find information quickly and easily while on the phone to customers. They could not check if a problem the customer raised was really occurring, eg Netbank is down. And they took too long on each call, costing money and making customers wait.

WebVine interviewed a number of call centre operators across Direct Banking, as well as the Head of the division and other key stakeholders. We identified the problems facing Direct Banking, and came up with innovative ideas and solutions. For example, staff relied on a very large excel file to provide certain information. WebVine converted that into a user interface in SharePoint that was easy to browse and manage.

WebVine created the site from start to finish in 3 months:

  • Interviewing staff to find what they needed from the intranet
  • Designing new information architecture
  • Bring critical information to the home page
  • Dividing the site into roles so staff could find information quickly and easily
  • Creating innovative ways to add new call centre scripts to the site.

A SharePoint intranet site that call centre staff could rely on as a source of information. The Insurance operators, NetBank operators, Home Loans operators could now go to their unique sections of the site where relevant information was displayed just for them. Previously it was all mixed up all over the site. This proved to be time saving, stress saving, and the faster the answers the happier the customers. Any alerts were now clearly displayed and operators could contribute to them. This made identifying problems faster, and therefore problem solving quicker in CBA.

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