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SharePoint Consulting

Consulting is an essential ingredient in the development of any WebVine SharePoint project, and it ensures that we deliver the best possible solution with the client.

Our approach to consulting is to focus on your business, your goals and your pain points. Sometimes clients are not fully aware of what their goals are, and we can help to define those. For example, ‘we want to have a great intranet’. Yes that’s a good goal, but we need to further clarify from there what we will define as successful outcomes from the project, so we can plan our route.

Too often we have seen intranet graveyards. People don’t use them, and there is a good reason for this. People are super busy, and unless they have a compelling business oriented purpose to going to the intranet, they won’t visit.  And often the end goal for intranet teams is just that, to get people to visit often. But that statistic doesn’t mean much to busy staff or to the business bottom line.

Provide meaningful tools they cannot do without, and a way of engaging with colleagues that is extremely powerful. For example, if you are able to ask a question to your fellow colleagues ‘Has anyone in this organisation successfully delivered an intranet before?’. And you receive 3 replies that say yes, you can pull those resources in to your project. By the way, this can’t possibly happen via email, unless you want even more email in your inbox.


WebVine provides SharePoint consulting to ensure you build solutions that people love. Our SharePoint projects for Financial Services, Education, or Construction industries for example can look quite different, and so they should be.