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Leveraging SharePoint effectively requires specialist knowledge. Webvine is a Sydney-based technology consultancy providing SharePoint consulting and development services to help you improve productivity, reduce compliance risk and be more profitable and competitive.

Our Sydney SharePoint consultants can provide expert assistance to realise the full power of SharePoint:

  • Document management and remote collaboration
  • Records and case management
  • Intranets and corporate communications
  • Migrating SharePoint online
  • Process automation & workflows
  • Custom solution builds


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Areas that we can focus on to add value include:

Organisational Productivity
Business Process Automation
Search functionality
Less meetings

SharePoint Migrations

When it comes to working remotely, simply accessing and sharing documents can be one of the greatest frustrations. SharePoint Online is an ideal platform to help alleviate this problem. Documents are just one click away. Say goodbye to dealing with a slow VPN, geographic limitations or having to send attached documents back and forth via email. Furthermore, SharePoint Online can make remote work more productive via access to the ability to automate document approval, version control and collate data.

Setting up a solid information architecture is pivotal to success, and WebVine can help plan and develop this with you. Once this has been established, we can help set you up or migrate your organisation to SharePoint Online. Access to the Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI can add another layer of functionality with the opportunity to create new process flows, automate data and create custom forms.

Process Automation & Procedure Management

Business process automation has never been more important and organisations that are digitally transforming continue to gain a competitive  edge. Enhanced process workflows and business automation can not only drive greater productivity, through time savings and a reduction in errors, but can also greatly improve employee experience.

WebVine offers flexible, cost effective solutions based on Microsoft 365 technology. SharePoint is an foundation for Power Automate flows as well as integration with third party services like Plumsail and Nintex.

WebVine can help with workflow analysis and design for:

  • Finance – approvals, expenses
  • Human Resources – staff onboarding, performance reviews
  • Case management
  • Procurement
  • Industry-niche workflows eg travel, manufacturing, logistics etc

WebVine's Sydney consulting team has extensive experience in leveraging SharePoint for policy, procedure and contract management. Talk to us today for policies and procedures that are current and compliant.

Document Management

SharePoint document management solutions when executed well can improve business operations by helping to streamline document approval, creation, management and search.

When done poorly, SharePoint document management can create more problems such as duplicate files, a lack of meta data, difficult to navigate search functionality and complicated file structures. Get WebVine involved at the start of your document management journey for an effective, integrated SharePoint solution for:

Policy development, approval and maintenance
Policy communication & acceptance
Audit logs and version control
Legal document management
Record management
Case management


Document Management: Where To Start

Having a robust document management strategy in place is pivotal for a productive and harmonious organisation. This 30 minute webinar covers the symptoms and costs of poor document management, what technology to use and when and how

Custom SharePoint Solutions

For more than 10 years, WebVine's Sydney based team have been creating innovative customised solutions leveraging SharePoint technology. This has been particularly useful, when SharePoint's out of the box functionality is just not enough. To ensure you get the best results from your SharePoint technology, WebVine will work closely with your organisation to understand business objectives and user experience, before proposing a tailored solution. WebVine's extensive and diverse industry experience working with organisations of varying size and structure will ensure you receive a comprehensive, gold standard solution.

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Modern, with a great user interface, flexibility for app-integration, and comprehensive content management and creation capabilities, is the sensible option for your organisation's intranet. There's a reason why so of the top performing intranets that dominate digital workplace awards are SharePoint intranets.

Progressing through an array of in-depth workshops, WebVine will work closely with your organisation to understand and define staff needs, identify opportunities for integrations and ultimately design a solution based around your budget and business needs. WebVine's SharePoint intranet Injio, offers an out of the box solution that can be branded and tailored to the needs of an organisation within weeks.


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