Our approach ensures that clients undertake SharePoint projects for the right reasons. ‘To get people to visit the site’ isn’t a reason in itself. There must be a business benefit – increasing efficiencies, improving the culture, collaborating effectively, better enterprise search and other factors needed to be derived in order for the project to become a success.
Digital Transformation
 is a comprehensive process that involves every business area. WebVine's proven framework ensures your project will realise measurable benefits with true ROI. 


Many SharePoint consultancies and developers tend to go straight to solution mode for a client. They may produce something that the clients want, but if no one in the business ends up using the solution, then the project has failed.

We find that if you don’t try to target the business value of SharePoint in an organisation, you still cannot guarantee that people will visit even if it looks good, thus resulting in a project failure.

This is not surprising at all. A lot of SharePoint projects are driven by Communications and IT departments. These departments have their own ideas of what an intranet should contain, and may miss out on some key business benefits. WebVine will work with you to identify opportunities for Digital Transformation throughout your organisation using a clear framework to measure their impact and assess which problems offer the most potential for progress, identifying – and then solving – the problems that are holding you back.

SharePoint intranet user adoption


What a lot of people tend to forget when they are creating a SharePoint intranet are the users. If your audience is not engaged in the process of designing and architecting the site, you may miss out on critical information that will impact the success of your SharePoint intranet. For example, you may think that people really need to read the latest company news, or that it’s critical for them to access HR forms. However, if you actually ask people what they need, you may find a different response altogether.

WebVine's user survey templates and information gathering workshops will save you time with requirements, and help improve digital workplace user adoption after launch.


executive sponsorship

Get executive sponsorship for your project

clear goals

Have clear goals as to how this project will make life easier for users

engage users

Engage users from the outset, find out their pain points and try to address them with SharePoint

identify cultural behaviour

Identify cultural behaviours in your company and make sure they are included in your considerations

roll out

Don’t roll out too much at once – or too little


Given the speed at which people navigate through websites and systems, a clearly designed interface is more essential than ever. People expect to find what they need quickly – or they give up and leave.  Desktop, tablet and mobile experiences all need to be catered for. We bring our UX skills to the fore in every project, so that our clients enjoy a clean, clear and precise experience every time.


We have responded to SharePoint emergency calls on numerous occasions, as SharePoint databases have become overloaded and systems crash. This is a frightening occurrence for many organisations as many IT professionals do not quite understand what it means to create a scalable environment to respond to the needs of the organisation as it grows.

At WebVine, we understand how scalable and robust platforms are created. From anticipating growing document storage needs to disaster recovery and load balancing, our technicians will ensure your platform is not going to fall over from poor planning or changing business needs.

designer bulb


At WebVine, we believe that working across SharePoint is a WIN-WIN for everyone - a win for IT, communications, suppliers, clients and the business in general.

And we strive to ensure our clients do indeed win with SharePoint. We have seen many losses, some of them heavy, when clients undertake SharePoint projects (with the best intentions) and do not succeed. This leads to loss of morale, loss of budget, and lack of faith in SharePoint. In the end, no-one wins.

We ensure your SharePoint project is a win-win. Contact WebVine today.