Microsoft® NET

The .Net Framework is an outstanding platform for developing bespoke applications and providing the potential to integrate systems.  Our expertise in .Net enables us to have success with even the most complex requirements. We have developed numerous applications leveraging .Net capability, both in and of itself, and also as part of SharePoint. Where out of the box configuration does not suffice, we need to bring out the big guns.

Here are some of the ways we extend our development capabilities:

SharePoint Composite Applications Development (Including data access, user interface, processes, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure)

Application Development Platform (CSOM, ServerOM, WebParts, Application Pages, Workflows, Excel Services)

Integrations and Extensibilities (REST, WCF, LINQ, CAML.WebDAV, BCS, Exchange Managed API)

Custom Application Development (ASP.Net, .Net, C#, WCF, SOAP, XML DOM, XPath, XSL, WWF, WCF)

Cloud Application Development (Azure)

SQL Server Design and Development (On Premises and Azure)

Service Oriented Architecture

Distributed Application Development

System Analysis and Design using Industry best practices

Legacy Application Analysis, Migration Roadmap (DCOM, COM, Win Forms, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, C/C++)

If you have complex requirements, then please contact us, our developers love a challenge.