10 Digital Transformation Tips That Can Add Value to Your Business

The past year has done a lot to show businesses of all sizes that they need to embrace the concept of Digital Transformation. New technologies are emerging regularly, and if your business is not keeping up with the latest innovations, there is a good chance you are falling behind the competition. 

Whether you are looking for new ways to support a better customer experience, developing a framework for remote work or assessing plans to make your processes more efficient, now is the time to consider some of the ways you can use technology to increase. 

Check out the following ideas to see some of the ways you can get more from the Digital Transformation at your organisation.  

Educational Resources 

Having the latest software tools can be one of the best ways to move your business forward with its Digital Transformation, but different users will adapt differently to the introduction of these tools. Instead of leaving users to figure out Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive on their own, you could create a series of training videos that will teach them the basics and then move on to more complex skills 

Digitise and Automate Simple Processes 

Most businesses have several processes that could be automated. This includes things like lead capture, expense submissions, holiday requests, document approvals, purchase orders and more. Digitising and automating these types of tasks can save workers a lot of time and they can help to make many of these processes more reliable. Using Microsoft Power Automate, you can create workflows that will make your business much more efficient. 

Digital Signatures 

So many otherwise efficient processes hit a snag when they suddenly have a requirement for a signature on a piece of paper. A digital process moves smoothly from step to step, then everything gets slowed down when you or the other party needs to print and sign a document. By moving to e-signatures whenever possible, you can remove this hurdle and keep the process moving smoothly and without unnecessary delays. 

Create an AI Assistant for Employees 

Even the best training can’t eliminate all possibility of employees running into issues with some of the tech solutions your business uses. Instead of having them submit a Helpdesk request, you could create an AI bot that is trained to handle the most common issues. This will provide simpler, more convenient solutions for employees, and it will also cut down on the workload of those who would normally have to assist with these issues. Something like Microsoft’s Azure Bot can be ideal for creating a bot that can provide intelligent solutions for these types of problems. 

Use AI for Analytics 

Using AI to create a chatbot assistant can be great for making the lives of employees easier, but expanding AI to analytics can help you make smarter business decisions. If you are thinking about making a major organisational change, AI can crunch the data to predict whether it is a smart move. If you are looking to learn more about your customers, AI analytics can provide insights that will help you serve them better. 

Business Intelligence Dashboards 

Business intelligence dashboards can be great for making data more accessible and easier to understand. Using a tool like Power BI from Microsoft, you can bring data from multiple sources together and have it displayed in a dashboard screen. This can be good for improving data transparency and for creating reports. Depending on your needs, you can use BI dashboards to provide a clearer overview for things like marketing, sales, customer service, production, logistics and more. 

Cloud Migration for Documents 

Storing your documents in the cloud can offer several benefits. It could save your organisation money, make the documents more accessible and it offers flexibility that you might not be able to achieve with in-house solutions. While the benefits are considerable, you do need to realize that it is a large undertaking. Starting with a pilot programme that just involves one team or department could be a good way to work out some of the bugs before migrating all of your data to the cloud. 

Add Helpdesk, HR and Payroll System to Intranet  

You can make your intranet a hub for an array of information resources your employees want to engage with. By adding things like Helpdesk systems, HR contacts and policies and payroll to the intranet, you can make these resources more accessible and more convenient. 

Switch from Desk Phones to Softphones 

Softphones offer the functions of a desk phone on a laptop or other computer. Along with that, they often support a range of other features like video calls, conference calls, SMS and file sharing. With modern workers spending less time at their desks and more time at home or on the go, softphones are the ideal communications solution for modern businesses. 

Integrate Salesforce with SharePoint 

If you are using both SharePoint and Salesforce, you should use integrations to bring these two systems together. This can be a way to reduce costs, increase efficiency and simplify document management for documents associated with Salesforce. 

These tips can be good for helping businesses of all sizes get the most of the technologies that are available to them. With that said, digital transformation is an ongoing process. Technology needs to be reviewed and you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to add value through digitisation.