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“Businesses can rely on dedicated AI solutions to take automation to the next level and solve complex practices that are often too complicated and costly to maintain.”
Information Age
  • Want to deliver better digital customer experience?
  • Is completing HR forms a nightmare?
  • Does your IT team regularly answer the same questions?
  • Are people wasting time locating information and resources?
  • Does it take longer to set up a meeting than have the meeting?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own Personal Assistant?

It’s not just global corporations using AI, Digital Workplace Bot technology is available right now through the Microsoft Azure Framework. With the right help, your organisation can leverage AI to solve a range of business problems at a reasonable cost.


Assist customers and staff efficiently

HR Processes

Leave requests, expenses & onboarding new starters


Interface with other systems eg create a Lead in your CRM


meeting rooms, catering, resources, transport


complete the right form, correctly, the first time

“With AI, it’s time to scale up or give up. Leading companies are already starting to move their AI models into production”
Price Waterhouse Coopers

Meet Jackson

Jackson is WebVine’s Digital Workplace Chatbot.
As well as giving you the latest news and weather, Jackson can help you:

  • Find a company policy
  • Fill in a form via Q&A
  • Submit a great new idea
  • Download the latest proposal template or send it to a colleague
  • Onboard a new starter
  • He can even order lunch!

The Injio SharePoint Bot can be built to your specifications, with name, image and system integrations that work for your business. We build, train and maintain the Bot, giving your staff time to focus on engaging, creative work.