SharePoint Design

Producing an engaging SharePoint design is essential.  Many times we have consulted with staff who are requesting a large wish list for their newly designed intranet. They complain that certain features or functionality isn’t available on the current site.  But having reviewed the site, we find that these features actually already exist.

It’s due to the poor design and site usability that people don’t think these features exist.  So with nothing more than a SharePoint redesign and usability improvement, the new site can be a vast improvement, with users finding what they need.

What makes a good design?
  • Appropriate weighting is given to content, so it’s clear what is meant to stand out
  • Space, don’t make things too crowded
  • Not too much content if possible, people scan rather than read on the web 
  • Appropriate use of colours and usage of the companies brand where possible
  • Keeping things simple
  • And in SharePoint, make it look not so SharePoint  
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