In your private life you have perhaps a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop.
You can share information between these devices easily using tools like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs.  You post a few pictures of your weekend on Facebook and all of your friends see them, comment on them, and make their posts on Pinterest, Twitter, and whatever other social took they choose to use. All of this happens fairly effortlessly.

And then you go to work.

Faced with hundreds of emails and a share drive with a million files, it’s overwhelming and unproductive.

SharePoint helps companies to work together collaboratively.  For example, project files, road map, project staff, deliverables, calendar etc can be held on a site for the project team. Applications can be built to replace daily grind tasks.

If you spend too much time fending off email and copying information between spreadsheets, then there is a better way.

By the way, just having SharePoint does not guarantee success. You need people with experience of what it takes to deliver a successful SharePoint project.

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