Systems Integration

Corporations are awash with systems, more systems and platforms than you can shake a stick at. There is a price to pay for having fragmented data, and that is being unable to unify the data to makes sense of it.
For example, if you have a system to store accident information on mine sites, and another system to store HR information such as accident leave, is there a way to determine how many accidents happened at any particular site over any time period. Perhaps not unless done manually. So system integration is more essential than ever, as it can shed light on critical matters, even life or death matters, through analysing that combined data.

We have often replaced the need for manual intervention also, replacing many CSV exports with automatic integration between systems.  This is such a win for clients, saving time, money and freeing people from monotonous work.

With deep knowledge across the Microsoft stack of technologies and beyond, we provide the glue that joins together fragmented systems, to provide true systems integration.