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Enterprise Social

Is your business looking to build on employee knowledge and increase productivity?

Are you looking to break down communication barriers and open up collaboration?

Do you want to build on company culture and increase employee engagement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Enterprise social software can help you.

The use of social platforms within businesses or between business and customers has been rapidly growing since 2006. It helps staff, customers and suppliers communicate, share and organise information on commonly known platforms.   Yammer and Sitrion enhance SharePoint by providing a social networking “layer” to SharePoint, allowing a secure way for companies and their staff to internally communicate, share information and collaborate with each other.


The tools provide:

  • Online communities and news feeds
  • Knowledge bases & wikis
  • Video libraries
  • Blogs, surveys and Q&A’s
  • Notifications and email updates
  • Gamification & Recognition

WebVine consultants can assist your business with:

  • Business Strategy
  • Design & UX
  • Installation & configuration
  • Implementation and maintenance
  • Adoption framework