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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence in SharePoint is frequently mentioned, but rarely used effectively. There are so many options, even just under the Microsoft Stack, it’s difficult for people to know which ones to use for what purpose.

But Business Intelligence in SharePoint is incredibly valuable. You can enable the business to make critical decisions, see events and situations unfolding, and address those issues before they escalate. For example, if sales are declining, or they are going through the roof, you need to know in order to make the right moves. When management are empowered to see this information – in a clear and concise way, the right decisions are made.

These technologies have different modellingreporting, and visualisation features.


Excel Services

  • Load, calculate, and display Excel workbooks on SharePoint.
  • Reuse and share Excel workbooks on portals and dashboards.
  • Control what data is displayed
  • Maintain a single version of your Excel workbook
  • Capitalize the power of Excel in your applications


  • Powerful data mashup and modeling
  • In-memory technologies analytics
  • Bring self-service and team BI to everyone
  • Work with over a million rows of data in seconds
  • Integrate reusable data from heterogeneous  data sources
  • Connect everyone with rich integrated features


  • Tool for visual data analysis
  • Tool for creating highly interactive, presentation-ready reports
  • Intuitive data exploration
  • Encourages ad-hoc reporting
  • Comes in two versions
  • Data visualization of PowerPivot models and SQL Server Analysis Services databases


  • Tool to create interactive, context-driven dashboards with balanced scorecards, key performance indicators, analytic reports, and filters
  • Leverages SP2010’s security
  • 100% synchronized content integration between the BI Center and Dashboard Designer
  • Dashboard, dashboard components, and reports are available for immediate use in web parts

Business Intelligence Presentation

BI technologies available under the Microsoft stack and delivered through SharePoint.

This presentation was delivered to the Sydney SharePoint User Group on Sept 11, 2013.