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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an awesome product.  However many organisations struggle with embedding a CRM in their culture. It’s not just a case of purchasing a CRM and watch the customers coming in.


Your organisation may be in a number of situations:

  • Not currently using an Enterprise CRM
  • Using a CRM but not very well with little user adoption
  • Your CRM is full of junk data
  • Sales staff rely on their excel lists instead
  • Staff only enter Opportunities rather than utilising the full Lead Conversion Process
  • Predicting sales forecasts from CRM data is not done or not accurate
  • Staff lack the technical skills to use Dynamics 365 properly


Microsoft Dynamics 365 can transform your sales team into a selling machine.
But you need expertise to make this happen.
WebVine can provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Consult on your existing sales process to make it more effective in Dynamics 365
  • Health Check on your existing CRM implementation
  • Advise on how to move to Dynamics 365
  • Embed a best practice sales process in your organisation
  • Create dashboards so management can forecast sales and more
  • Custom develop Dynamics 365 to your organisations needs
  • Integrate Dynamics 365 with SharePoint and Office 365
  • Create workflows in Dynamics 365
  • Conduct tailored training
  • Get the most out of Dynamics 365