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Digital Transformation from the Inside Out

Digital Transformation from the Inside Out by Marcus Dervin will help you work smarter, increase productivity and create a vibrant culture.

On the strength of this indispensable book, Marcus was selected by the Consensus IT Writers Awards judges as best IT Author 2019.

about Marcus

With over 23 years’ experience in the technology industry across three continents, Marcus Dervin is passionate about improving the way organisations work. Marcus is a recognised thought leader in the Digital Transformation space, contributing regular articles to the technology and business press, and has recently won the Consensus IT Author of the Year award for his book Digital Transformation from the Inside Out – Work smarter, increase productivity and create a vibrant culture.

Marcus is the founder and Managing Director of WebVine, a Digital Transformation Consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. WebVine's clients include EY, Macquarie Bank, BPAY and NSW Health.


How technology impacts culture: Technology can inhibit or enhance organisation culture, but how do you get the right mix? Learn how to create the right approach to enhance your culture.

The 9 Pillars of Digital Transformation Success: There are nine essential elements of every Digital Transformation initiative. Experience has shown that if you miss even one of these pillars, your project is at risk of failing.

Create true Digital Transformation with the 6I’s Framework: learn how to identify opportunities for transformation using a clear framework to measure their impact and assess which problems offer the most potential for progress.

How you should be using AI right now: Just like Siri helps you at home, a bot can help people take care of things at work: answering questions, booking resources, filling in forms and completing admin that their day would be a lot better without. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.


October 2019 - RIMPA Live 2019 Convention, Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

August 2019 - Digital Workplace Conference, Sofitel, Sydney

May 2019 - AI Information Breakfast, Microsoft, Sydney

February 2019 - WORKTECH19, Barangaroo, Sydney

February 2019 - AI & Machine Learning Information Breakfast, Microsoft, Sydney

October 2018 - Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018, Melbourne + Sydney

October 2018 - Inforum, Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia, Adelaide, Australia

September 2018 - WORKTECH18, Holiday Inn Singapore

August 2018 - Digital Workplace Conference, Sofitel, Melbourne, Australia

May 2018 - Digital Workplace Conference, The Langham Auckland, New Zealand.


Marcus speaks with humour and passion, inspiring and empowering audiences to take positive action.

Of interest to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, HR professionals and business leaders interested in Digital Transformation.

Marcus gives some insight into why he wrote Digital Transformation from the Inside Out in his book launch panel discussion.


Marcus contributes regularly to the technology and business press.


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