Digital Transformation from the Inside Out


This book shows you how to digitally transform your organisation to avoid disruption and deliver greater business outcomes.

Most information workers are expending incredible amounts of energy to deliver their day-to-day work, sharing information over email, Excel or share drive, struggling to work around their technology rather than with it. Meanwhile in our personal lives we are getting more done, more easily, anywhere we like.

How can companies make the leap to become efficient, collaborative workplaces? Who should drive it, how to measure it, what is the ROI, where to focus? Where do you even begin? It can be quite overwhelming.

Often companies:

  • Rely on internal IT to lead the way
  • Have IT departments that are overworked, under-resourced and don't have the experience
  • Roll out products to the business that are underutilised
  • Try to lock down the technology and devices people use but fail
  • Don't understand what collaboration really means.

When companies do try to introduce digital transformation technologies they often:

  • Assume that rolling it out is all they need to do
  • Don't focus on business benefits
  • Don't have executive buy-in
  • Don't understand what people really need.

Digital Transformation from the Inside Out introduces a clear, practical framework to turn your organisation into a collaborative, productive, inspirational workplace. If your company has greater capability and doesn't know how to achieve it with the help of technology, read this book today.