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Sydney Motorway Corporation

Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project, the A$16.8bn Westconnex project will enable Western Sydney motorists to travel from Penrith to the western edge of the CBD without stopping at a traffic light. Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) was established in 2014 to plan, finance, build and operate road projects such as WestConnex on behalf of the NSW Government.


SMC itself employs almost 300 people with a further 10,000 construction contractors. These workers require secure access to essential documents as well as collaboration and communication tools, accessible on the go. SMC’s existing process was manual with all staff (permanent/contractors) and the assets provided to them recorded in excel sheets. With high contractor turnover, this process was creating significant overhead for SMC. To tackle this, SMC developed an onboarding system with a third party, but the developed system was not as per expectation.


“We were looking for a trusted partner that had depth and breadth when it came to understanding the Microsoft product suite and also worked with us on how we could best leverage that to optimise the business and seek efficiencies,” said Shaune Rosser, SMC Chief Information Officer.

WebVine reviewed the SMC system with the potential to leverage our onboarding solution –  Onboarding Hero – that automates end to end onboarding, modification and offboarding of staff including creation, activation, deactivation and removal of user accounts and licenses from disparate source systems.

WebVine developed a tailored solution addressing SMC’s requirements:

  1. Creation of request and approval processes for New Starter, Modification and Staff Exit services, tracked and managed with automatic notification and “overdue” emails.
  2. Development of a new report containing staff status and allocated assets.
  3. Introduction of a request dashboard to measure and monitor performance.


The new SMC SharePoint onboarding process delivers a seamless onboarding experience for staff while significantly reducing administration overheads. The summary dashboard allows management to view status at a glance and automatic reminder emails minimise overdue actions.

WebVine’s best practice technical design of the application delivers scalability for future needs.

It was a case of how do we better optimise and stay on the forefront of technology to enable the business to have more productive and flexible working opportunities in a secure and robust manner,” said Rosser.

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