Sitrion helps employees to get their job done better every day. In a complex enterprise world, Sitrion enables an engaged workforce to stay connected, make smart decisions and be productive. Leveraging their investments in SAP or SharePoint, millions of users depend on Sitrion to drive innovation, discover untapped expertise and simplify business processes.

As more and more companies are discovering, it’s far easier to drive employee engagement and productivity when a social platform is in place. This is why social solutions are such powerful innovation drivers—particularly in organizations with multiple locations. By helping people connect more easily, they drive bigger ideas and faster, smarter decisions at every turn.

What does Sitrion provide?

Communities: Quickly launch private and public communities. Smart streams means you have all your feeds appearing in your own personalised feed.

Badging & Recognition: Earn merit-based badges, award kudos badges and motivate your business to be the top performers.

Targeting: You can @Target to get your messages to the relevant people.

Outlook Integration: Outlook plug-in means you stay in the loop when not directly accessing feeds.

Digest Notifications: Do you prefer an email alert? Stay up to date with all communities via a smart, simple and daily email.

Crowdsource and Idea Campaigns: Gather tons of ideas from all employees in your business from anywhere in the world.

Q&A’s: Access SME’s and capture all knowledge inside a Knowledge Base.

Application Integration: SharePoint, Office 365, Visual Studio, Dynamics, Lync and Outlook can all access the social and self-service capabilities.

What Sitrion can do for your company

Employee and Manager Self Services: Use Sitrion to track and record time, expenses and other employee related activity.

Calendar Sync: Send leave requests and other calendar events from your HR system to Outlook automatically.

HR Communities: Set up HR moderated communities to reduce the number of questions HR teams receive by allowing employees to find their own answers.

Microsoft and SAP Integrations: Sitrion works with SAP, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Lync, Office 365, Outlook and Visual Studio.

Workflow decisions: Use Sitrion and SAP Business Processes to define and automate approval processes.

Ideas and innovation: Share ideas with your colleagues, teams and departments by setting up idea campaigns, Q&As, polls, and project labs. The system identifies experts through their social activity and profiles and automatically builds a knowledge base from activity streams.

Analytics: Sitrion’s reporting and analytics can be used to measure and track activities. You can also use this data to target specific audiences with relevant content.

Engagement Scorecard: This allows you to track and view company metrics and to analyze trend data over time. You can drill down to get more detailed views of each metrics, as well as define your own metrics, dashboards and graphs.

 — What people say —  

“New ways to network require new technologies to make it work and our mission is to do just that: unlock the amazing power realized when people connect and align behind a goal. NewsGator has been making social a reality for the last ten years. Today, as Sitrion they will continue to make social in integral part of work while allowing employees to access all the information already available in systems of record like SAP or SharePoint.”

 — Daniel Kraft, Sitrion CEO 

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