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Hello. We are a Digital Transformation consultancy helping organisations create dynamic, productive and innovative workplaces with Microsoft technology.

From design and implementation to user adoption, our experienced SharePoint consultants and developers will deliver the right solution to achieve your goals.

Productive, efficient processes
Sales and revenue growth
Engaged staff, connected teams
Informed decision-making
Innovation. Creative problem solving
Leverage existing technology

Solving problems with the right technology

Give your overloaded IT & HR teams a break with an AI chatbot

Manage processes and enable content discovery with SharePoint

Create an Office 365 strategy for more collaboration, mobile working and less shadow IT

Engage staff and support internal comms with a SharePoint Digital Workplace

Connect data sources for accessible, real time business insights

Customise your fields and reports for a CRM the sales team wants to use


With Bot technology through the Microsoft Azure Framework, your organisation can leverage AI to solve a range of business problems at a reasonable cost.



Support mobile working, automate processes and connect teams. Deliver a branded, feature-rich Digital Workplace in weeks.



Take control of your information and collaborate effectively. From strategy to configuration, search to governance, we are the SharePoint experts.

Sharepoint Consulting + Development


Be a data-centric organisation. Connect and format data sources, build reports and access real time dashboards for better decision making


Digital Workplace

You have never seen a
SharePoint intranet like this.

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