In June, 2012, Yammer was acquired by Microsoft but also continues to operate as a standalone service. At the SharePoint 2012 Conference 2012, Microsoft and Yammer unveiled their first collective road map: SharePoint & Yammer Integration.

Yammer integration means you can now replace the news feed in Office 365 plans that include SharePoint. Other improvements also include SSO, seamless navigation and user interface plus search integration.

Yammer now forms an important part of Microsofts future plans with Microsoft weaving this enterprise social tools into every day work life via email, instant messaging, voice, video and line-of-business applications.

What does Yammer provide?

  • Working in Groups: Easily setup Groups for teams, projects or interests. Allow People to discover groups you have created. Instantly notify members of posts. Quickly access the most viewed files, notes and links in any group.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Detailed user profiles with member directory and org charts. View subject matter experts. Give praise for a job well done with badges and accomplishments. View the influencers in your business via leaderboards.
  • Join Conversations: Publish status updates, conversations, polls, events, documents. Send private messages and see who is online. Notify co-workers with @mentions
  • Share files online: Store notes, documents, pdf’s images and videos. Work real time on documents. Share documents with a one-time URL
  • Discover what you need: Stay up to date with all relevant feeds. Tag keywords and topics you want to be kept in the loop with. Type-ahead suggestive results. Universal search to find all posts, people and content.
  • Communicate Externally: Create external groups to collaborate outside your business. Quickly switch between internal and external conversations
  • Yammer Platform.
  • App Directory: Connect external software applications already use in your business like GitHub. MS Dynamics, Zendesk, GoodData, etc.
  • Yammer Platform: Yammer Connect login means you can use your Yammer login for other business applications. Ticker integration for real time information. Embeddable feeds and an Activity Stream API.
  • Admin & Security: Custom branding for the same look and feel as your company. Easily manage users and export data. Keyword monitoring and network analysis tools.
  • Access: View Yammer on your desktop, web, or via the mobile applications for iOS, Andriod &* Windows.
WebVine has deep knowledge and experience with Yammer, and other Social Enterprise applications.
Trying to launch Yammer in your organisations is like trying to get an airplane to take off. You’ve got a short distance of probably about a week which represents the runway and if you’re not up and running at the end of that week then you are really heading for trouble. Your plane could just run off the runway and never take off. It’s crucial at the beginning to have people posting. If you find the right people to engage first it won’t be hard. If you’re begging to get people to post, so they’re the wrong people. You need to find people that are willing and keen and excited about this initiative. And there is a lot more to understand about making Yammer a success.
“Social is moving from a nice-to-have tool to a necessity in the workplace, as all companies are faced with the increasing pace of change, they need to leverage the power and knowledge of employees more than their current technologies allow. ” Adam Pisoni, – General Manager of Yammer
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