Office 365 Migrations

In a typical working day, do you spend a lot of time looking for information?
  •  Looking in your sent items for information
  •  Looking in your inbox for information
  •  Looking in your share drive (yikes!) 
  •  Navigating through sub-folders and getting lost
  •  etc etc. etc
We spend more time managing the information around work than actually working. Office 365, when implemented correctly, can solve a lot of the information minefield. It enables you to have:
  • Anywhere access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars so you’re always up-to-date
  • Familiar Microsoft applications your team already uses
  • IT control and efficiency delivered to fit your organisation’s unique needs 
  • Business-class security and reliability
  • Cost effective scalability
Most companies migrate email accounts to Office 365. This is a huge benefit. However, unless you migrate your documents to SharePoint, people will be attaching documents to emails, making the cloud experience very much anchored in the share drive.
With the SharePoint offering in Office 365, you are completely in the cloud with your files.  This means several things:

  • Version control of documents, never see a file called ‘copy of…’ again
  • Simultaneous collaboration on documents
  • Email links instead of attachments 
  • Automatic workflow if needed to approve documents
  • Online editing with Office web apps – or edit with Word
  • Content types – so you can have great control over templates and more that people use 
You actually start to find what you are looking for – really fast.
Of course, there are other benefits


Communicate with your colleagues instantly

Office Integration

Office 365 is so seamlessly integrated with your desktop version of Office, it makes it so easy

Mobile Integration

View and update information from your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows phone etc

About migrating your organisation to Microsoft Office 365.