SharePoint Development, SharePoint Consulting, Office 365 & Dynamics 365 services


WebVine are SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 experts, providing consulting and delivering projects for mid-to-large companies in Australia. WebVine’s awareness is always on the end user, ensuring each project is a success.


SharePoint Consulting

Our approach to consulting is to focus on your business, your goals and your pain points. Sometimes clients are not fully aware of what their goals are, and we can help to define those. For example, ‘we want to have a great intranet’. Yes that’s a good goal, but we need to further clarify from there what we will define as successful outcomes from the project, so we can plan our route.


SharePoint Development

We develop for every aspect of SharePoint whether it’s Business Intelligence, Branding, SharePoint Search, Content Publishing, Content Migration, Forms and Workflows, or stand alone development.


SharePoint Design

Producing an engaging SharePoint design is essential.  Many times we have consulted with staff who are requesting a large wish list for their newly designed intranet. They complain that certain features or functionality isn’t available on the current site.  But having reviewed the site, we find that these features actually already exist.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

Many organisations struggle with embedding a CRM in their culture. It’s not just a case of purchasing a CRM and the sales team jump on board and start using it. What do you want to achieve with it, how and when that will happen, and user adoption strategies all need to be explored


SharePoint Content Migrations

SharePoint projects often involve large amounts of content to be migrated from other sources to SharePoint, or perhaps a SharePoint redesign and new Information Architecture means that content needs to be recreated.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is incredibly valuable. You can enable the business to make critical decisions, see events and situations unfolding, and address those issues before they escalate.


Enterprise Social

Many organisations go about deploying Social platforms incorrectly, resulting in low adoption and poor ROI. Our strategies ensure high adoption and excellent business benefits of your social platform.


Systems Integration

With deep knowledge across the Microsoft stack of technologies and beyond, we provide the glue that joins together fragmented systems.

We also provide
  • Document Management
  • Intranets & Extranets
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Search Strategy
  • CRM Consulting
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Process Automation