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Many people doubt the cloud’s security, privacy and ease of access, most often it’s IT folk that raise the most concern.  However email in the cloud, can make your life so much easier.

Prior to migrating WebVine’s emails to Office 365, I used IMAP.  Every time I read an email on my phone, ipad, or one of my computers, it would download a copy of the email to that device.  Also, when sending emails, it only stored the sent copy on that device also.  This was a great source of frustration.

With email in the cloud, no matter what device I use, I am accessing my emails ‘up there’ and so it’s current no matter what I am using.

Regarding security, I have full faith in Microsoft’s datacentres to keep my data secure and safe.  I could also have a hybrid solution where I have local copies, but I haven’t chosen to do that.

Yes I am at the mercy of their system going offline.  It’s the same with any online email account.  And it rarely happens.  If it did, could you live without email for a few hours if you had to?  Most likely, and it’s no guarantee your IT guys will keep email up 24x7x365 in any case.

Some other benefits of migrating email to the Office 365 cloud are:

  • Continuous data back-ups, disaster recovery capabilities, globally-redundant data centers, and a strict privacy policy.
  • Industry-leading, financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Built-in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange email protection. You are highly protected from viruses, spam and phishing attacks.
  • No more server patching, updating, or upgrading – Office 365 takes care of it.
  • Predictable monthly cost and no upfront infrastructure investments.

And one of the best bits, you can seriously reduce your current infrastructure costs.

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