Are you too busy to improve?

Are you too busy to improveI came across this image today that someone posted on LinkedIn.  I replied that I mention this often to potential clients.  Everyone seems busier than ever before. Even with all the technology available to us, we just seem busier with more to do.

And interestingly, we are doing things – at least at work, in the same way that we have done them for over 20 years. My first job at Apple was in 1995.  Back then we had a shared drive, and communicated using Apple’s Mail client for email. Even though it was an innovative company, technology wasn’t where it is today, and so email was heavily relied upon.

And now, aren’t we so lucky, it’s 2014 and we have new ways of doing things at work. But what is actually happening? Most of us work like it’s 1995.  Email, spreadsheets, and a share drive where we can’t find anything. That is the norm.

By why?  We have SharePoint that 80% of corporates have purchased – and use. SharePoint is meant to take away the pain of working in this way. Why don’t we utilise it properly?  One of the reasons is lack of education, we don’t know what we don’t know and so do things in the same old way. And another reason is we are ‘too busy’.

The reason we are too busy is it takes so long to do things the current way (which is no longer current, it’s 20 years old+). But we don’t have time to learn a new tool, to step back and think about how we do things, and if there is a better way.  We just keep on relentlessly pushing.  Picture someone saying to an old nokia user – but just use this smartphone, and they say ‘I’m too busy typing in text messages using 9 little buttons, I don’t have time to learn how to use that thing!’.  That my friend is the problem, and as long as this is going on, SharePoint is under utilised.

So, what do you do? Try to take a little time out, think about how you are working, and see if someone can help you do deliver that on SharePoint. We can, so why not give us a call today. Contact WebVine today, and join the year 2014.

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